August Coffee of the Month - Seasonal Espresso Blend By Blackboard Coffee Roasters

August Coffee of the Month - Seasonal Espresso Blend By Blackboard Coffee Roasters
If you’re on the Gold Coast or you’ve visited the sunny spots we call home, then chances are you’ve had a Blackboard coffee. Weather in their own flagship café in Varsity or in one of the many cafes using their blends, you’ve definitely sampled their goods. You may have even spied the Blackboard Coffee truck, reminiscent of a world war II first aid troopy, at any of the food markettas, sunflower patches or exclu garden parties around the place. A regular feature of the Urban lists of the digital communication world, Blackboard is a genuine leader in the Gold Coast coffee scene.
Owned and operated by Goldy locals in Burleigh Heads, Blackboard Coffee share a similar vision of sustainability and positive impact as we do. So it just feels natural to work with these guys.
When I first met with owner Nick, I outlined our plans to engage coffee lovers with global impact around solutions and he genuinely lit up at the concept. The supply chain that Blackboard follows with their roastery is unique. With regular trips to South America (nice perk of the trade) to visit the farms producing their beans, Nick has ensured that not only does Blackboard use high quality product, but the farms they work with are providing positive impact to the communities and using sustainable farming techniques to ensure minimal impact on the locals and the environment. And the result speaks for itself. Their coffee is nothing short of amazing.
Blackboard seasonal espresso coffee bag
This month we are featuring the Blackboard Seasonal Espresso Blend. A flexible blend that works great for both black and milk based coffee. A combination of 3 high quality beans from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia you get natural fruity notes in the shot which are morphed into smooth chocolate and caramel tones when milk is added. You’ll do well in a Piccolo on this one along with a filtered black cup. I recently popped this magic through an Aeropress and it was awesome! (we’re always excited to see an Ethiopian bean too, as it allows our impact to go full circle as we deliver water solutions back into northern villages of the Tigray area of Ethiopia)
During August we’ll be featuring Blackboard, so stay tuned for more on these guys, and make sure you head over to our coffee membership and secure your delivery for the next fresh roast as we dispatch one of Gold Coast’s favorite coffee flavours, that I am sure will become one of your must haves on the coffee bench.
Every time we sell coffee great things happen to people in need. One bag of the Blackboard Seasonal Espresso means 1 MONTH of water supply to people in need in our Ethiopia project. Feel good about feelin good, when you enjoy this beauty.
Order yours now here. And save some lives with awesome coffee!
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