Coffee of the Month - Social Espresso

Coffee of the Month - Social Espresso

Hidden away in one of the three industrial estates of Burleigh Heads is a small roastery making big waves in the Gold Coast Coffee scene. Social Espresso. Started from humble beginnings, and is now a leading brand in the Gold Coast coffee scene. If you've been to the top of Dbah hill for a coffee.... then you've experienced Social Espresso.

Social Espresso Coffee

Owned and operated by GC local Mitch, the brand is a slick, simple and professional outfit catering to the GC and FNSW café market. You can often find Mitch delivering his blends to cafes throughout the week, and if you're quick enough, will spy him in the surf occasionally between drop offs on the Tweed/Goldy coastlines.

We connected with owner Mitch to discuss coming on board with Sip4Sip Coffee and he jumped at the chance to be apart of our social outcomes. 

Social Espresso Coffee Roaster 

Sip4Sip Coffee is partnered with Social Espresso's Voyager blend. A blend of Costa Rican, Colombian, Ethiopian and Papua New Guinean beans. The Voyager is a full bodied blend that leaves sweet milk chocolate notes with a depth of hazelnut.

A terrific all rounder , the Voyager is perfect for both black and milk based coffee, so is ready for any which way you like.

With our Sip4Sip program, our charity partner Well Wishers works with building and delivering water solutions in Ethiopia. Allowing our partnership with Social Espresso to have a full circle effect towards sustainable practices as we deliver water solutions into Ethiopia. We are stoked to be working with these legends and can't wait to bring the Voyager into your morning ritual.

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