Electronic Veins - Guest blog 1 - Int'l Women's Day.

Electronic Veins - Guest blog 1 - Int'l Women's Day.

This week we have invited a handful of inspirational Women we know to take the mic and be guest bloggers for International Women's day on the topic of their choice. This one is written by Angela Saul. A modern day rock star as Vocalist for Northern rockers Valhalla Lights, and a true artist and story teller in the most honest sense of the word. Enjoy...


When my brother from another mother Hasey asked me to write a blog for international women’s day on any topic. I instantly thought “omg I can’t write a blog, I’ve never done anything like that before what would I write about?” Then this little voice in my head said - say yes, do something different, take the challenge (for some, isn’t a challenge at all) after all this is what life is about. 

I ponder on life a lot!!! I write songs about it, I spend time in deep conversations with people about it, I’m constantly questioning why are we here? What is this all about? Where did it all begin? Is there anything beyond life? Always thinking about the world we live in and the life that fills it. It can send me soooo deep into the rabbit hole. I think about what life was like for me growing up compared to what life is like for me now and how different my view of the world is as I grow and learn. We are all so connected these days through the internet, a virtual world that can be extremely light and warm and funny and social but can also be filled with darkness and show an ugly side of society that I’m sure people wish wasn’t there. But I believe that’s why we are all here!! The duality of life. Good and bad, light and dark, happy and sad highs and lows. We really can’t have one without the other! That’s how we learn and grow and evolve our spirit in human form. We are able to tap into what was once an unimaginable amount of information that was once way more difficult to find then a few simple fingertip clicks on a keypad. The opportunity I have to explore this electronic world brings me so much excitement and fear, actually a whole lot of different emotions. The crazy pace at which I can receive information (real and fake) these days sometimes makes me a little numb to what I’m seeing and  I sometimes have to unplug and get back to nature my “reality” to check myself and bring myself back to love, compassion and understanding!!  “ The Real World “ 
Understanding that we are all in the same boat. There isn’t an instruction manual for life.  Some of the ways we communicate is tribal, some of it spiritual, some of it emotional. But I believe it’s all for the higher purpose - to learn, create and grow as spiritual/human beings.
One of my biggest lessons about life is to try to be responsible and take responsibility for everything I do. Anything that presents itself good or bad is an opportunity to learn. I sit in it, feel it and let it go!!  I find carrying that with me helps life flow so much smoother. I no longer feel like I’m a victim of anything and when I do I can navigate my way through it to always feel better and heal myself. I’d like to finish this little conversation with myself and whoever reads this with a poem I wrote a few years back. 

Life what a trip!! Getting tested on every street, take a minute pause breathe. Who are you today? You can be whom ever you wish to be. You are not your past, you are not your future, you are now!!!! You are blood, you are bone. You are the dust that you walk home. You are love, sounds that are so sweet. Use your sensors every single one, taste the air, smell the ocean,  see the heart, feel the earth, hear its beat. Let music fill you full, breathe take it all in, be that grateful soul. Love without condition, give all you have. Smile even when you feel you can't. Trust in your own spirit pray to your own god. Travel as deep into your being as you feel you can then go a little further. Understand that everyone walks in different shoes accept their way as theirs. Don't fight over the small mountains share the giant ones. Always question your obsessive thoughts then let them go. Marvel at the beautiful as you see it. Travel to every corner. Feed that part of you that is hungry. Brush your ego to the side when it's time to be humble. Forgive!!! Be real with you in those long conversations with yourself. 

Just Breathe!!! 

 Angela Saul blog

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