Environment is Everything

Environment is Everything

Something that has shown up for me quite a bit lately is the importance of your environment and how our "success" is almost hinged on it. From how we create a great space in our workplace right through to the environment at home, we build our momentum from the energy in the space we create and the people within it.

I'm apart of a boxing club here on the Gold Coast. Not a traditional boxing club as its purpose is built around a 12 week program designed to transform men to be better versions of themselves and contributors to the/their community. We had our end of year meeting this week with the group of trainers and members of the club, known as The Bettermen. An inspiring afternoon of acknowledging the greatness we see in each other and the growth that some men have had after completing their program and beyond. A powerful conversation to be apart of as a mid 30's man in 2018. The one thing that stood out was the support and inspiration each of us draw from the environment that has been created within the Fight Like a Pro gym. As with any company culture, the beating heart of this amazing space is the owners. A Husband and Wife team (along with their family of 7 kids) who are on a mission to change the world. Such passion and dedication to the outcome coming from the very top of the organisation, as great culture does, is impossible to avoid when you visit this space, either for the first time ; or as for me, still ... 7 years later. Now the men who are apart of the club, not only echo this great passion to make a difference, they literally take the baton and champion this environment themselves, each bringing something to the table. I have never witnessed a group of adults continuously raising the bar to challenge themselves and the new people that walk into this place. 

Many times we have heard stories of this environment has saved peoples lives.. literally, suicidal men have found solace and inspiration from this amazing place and recovered to live better and meaningful lives now.

So why is an environment so important to culture and providing a pathway to success? Could it be creating a space for people to truly be themselves and avoid internal or external judgement to just go and have a crack. Perhaps when we're in a motivating environment we listen less to those limiting beliefs that hold us back, and we go for it. Self belief perhaps is magnified by our environment?? 

We've all heard the saying "you're a product of your environment" and this holds true in almost any practical example. Culture is everything. The space we create dictates the actions we take and the outcomes we produce, positive or negative. 

What can we look for in our environment to create that magical word momentum? Is it one that challenges us, nurtures us, educates us, pushes us? allows us to contribute? What ever it is, I think it's any leader's responsibility to find out what the people around them need from their environment and then to help provide this. 

And I believe that this is where business is headed. There is a revolution happening within both the consumer and business side of the modern day transaction. Our lives are more and more transparent and the consumer is savvy to what is happening with the production of their products, and business is becoming more responsible to how they operate. We're moving towards a business environment that creates sincere focus on the sustainable outcomes created end 2 end. Its taking time to get momentum however I think its snowballing, the culture for sustainable transactions is taking shape, especially for small business. We're creating a commercial environment where responsible best practice from farm to cup will not just be idealistic, but a requirement for a sustainable business model. Just like some of the men that visit that gym, parts of our system on this Earth are broken, and if we are to survive, we need to fix it. But it has to start from the top. And at the top is us. The consumer and The Business. We are the groups who have the power to change the world. 

Let's do this... take a look at your environment and ask yourself.. "is this environment providing the right product in me?"


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