Feb Coffee Feature

Feb Coffee Feature

Let's take a Quest. Close your eyes, take three big breaths and then picture yourself standing on a beach. Clean white sand, amazing blue water, world class waves ahead of you and the bright beaming sun warming your face as it rises over the distant horizon. You're standing on the beach at the Gold Coast home of bohemian living , Burleigh Heads.  These are just a few of the things that you would associate with the iconic Goldy original paradise. In 2019 you'd also think of words like trendy, organic, modern, freedom, holidays, love, artistic. And these are all the words you would use to describe this month's feature from Burleigh locals Quest Coffee Roasters and their In Casa Organic Premium Blend.

This blend is a fabulous all rounder that is 100% organic working well as either a milk based or black coffee. Quest make a special note this is a particularly good brew on a stove top or plunger pour.

When we first met with Quest to discuss the Sip4Sip Coffee concept we were met with a friendly and warm welcome, like we had known each other for years. With a sincere dedication to their local Burleigh community and the greater Gold Coast business network, we found a very easy common ground for conversation in creating brands that matter. 

Quest is a company that is in our minds, one run on kindness and smiles. And this is exactly what you get with this feature coffee. It's a smile in the morning when you enjoy this simple yet full bodied blend. Situated in the bustling center of Burleigh in James st, the cafe itself is setup to fit perfectly within the theme of Burleigh Heads and it's somewhat alternative/modern flavour. You can tell there is some great design skill in the brand the the product.  

Sustainability is also embedded into this brand and coffee too. The coffee selections provide Fair Trade and Organic options along with Rainforest Alliance green beans; there is a clear focus on providing an amazing product that is leaving a positive footprint on the earth. 

So it's only natural that Sip4Sip Coffee and the In Casa are destined for great impact together.

Jump into our packs now to ensure you don't miss out on this month's feature, and get yourself some warm smiles delivered to your door as we make a huge difference to people in this world without water, thanks to amazing coffee partners like Quest. 


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