Final guest blog for Int'l Women's Day .. "Just Breathe" ... insight form a 12 yr old young Woman.

Final guest blog for Int'l Women's Day .. "Just Breathe" ... insight form a 12 yr old young Woman.

Our last entry for celebrating International Women's Day for the entire month of March, comes from a young woman who is experiencing  early years of High School.. and all the madness that comes with it. You'll get inspired to look at life through the lens that we've all experienced and perhaps engaged to 'not sweat the little things' and truly appreciate the people who we rely on..even when we don't realise it...


Be You!!!

By Madison... 12 yrs. old


Sometimes, girls can get a little bit overwhelmed in life and forget that they need to just breathe…. For me, between school, friends and family, dancing and social medial life can sometimes get a little stressful. “Have I finished my History essay due today?” “Have I packed everything in my dance bag for the concert?” “Have I done all my chores and written Nanna a birthday card?”Will my peers think I’m weird if I wear my hair like this?” The point is, there is a lot of busy-ness and pressure to do things the best you can, and sometimes, we forget that, as human beings, we need a few basic things.


“I’ll eat after I finish this question on my homework.” I’ll sleep when I know that I will remember this dance in the morning.” “I don’t have time for breakfast in bed, I know it’s a Saturday, but I need to get up and finish these notes.” We all just need to stop… Breathe… Become the human being that you are because you’re not perfect. You need to eat, sleep, be happy, and most importantly, love yourself. You have to know that you deserve to be human, not perfect because no-one expects that of you.


I have to give credit to my mum for this because, without her, I wouldn’t even know any of this was true. My mum was the one that reminded me that I need sleep and made me stop studying for my Maths exam, “you’ll be fine!” I was fine. My mum was the one that, when my peers broke me down, she picked up the pieces, super glued them together, and sent me back out there with new, shiny armor, “you’ll get through this!” I’m getting through it. My mum was the one that pushed me out of the room to stop me from pulling apart and checking my dance bag that I had everything for the tenth time, “it’s all there!” It was all there. My mum is the one that knows every single thing about me (probably more than I do) and has my back through thick and thin. She is the one that taught me that I deserve to be, and be treated like a human being because that’s what I am. That’s what we all are.


We are allowed to eat dinner. That is a right. We are allowed to sleep. That is a right. We are allowed to stop and rest, giving time for ourselves. That is a right. Everyone has the right to be themselves, no matter what anyone says or does to change that. Be That girl who is different or ‘lazy’ because she is seen making time for herself. Be that girl who is annoying or angry because she won’t let others crush her into the ground. Be the girl that loves herself and others because she can. Because you can. Most of all, remember to …breathe…

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