For the Times they are a changin’

For the Times they are a changin’

For the Times they are a changin’

Come gather round people

Where ever you roam

The sippers the lovers

 together we have grown

and the impact we’ve made

with water all around

to the people in need

and a purpose in ground

now it’s time to keep savin

there’s a shift in the air

For the times they are a changin’


As we just turn the corner on our first birthday; we take some time to look at what we have created in the last 12 months and what the next 12 months and beyond looks like.

Currently we are on 18,250 days of water delivered to our water projects in Ethiopia and Malawi. Our original plan was to hit 10,000 days by the end of our first 12 months, and we knocked that out of the water (pun alert) within 8 months.

Chuffed is one word to describe this achievement; and the subsequent growth of the impact delivered from our community of Sippers. Using coffee as a pathway to create impact in this world of ours is a fun adventure; however….like a single shot on a Sunday morning…we want more!

SO.. as our muse for today’s piece suggests, Dylan’s poetry encourages us to look at the reality of what is happening and accept that change is upon us.. so we’re here to embrace it.

Currently; we are working to change our model with a significant, yet meaningful shift. Sip4Sip coffee will no longer be distributing other coffee brands as our model. The feedback form our community and the business model needs and wants so much more. As a way to guarantee an end to end sustainable and purpose driven outcome with our product, we’ll be bringing our own roasted beans to the platform. Organic, sustainably sourced and packaged; and impact driven from end to end.

For now; we have cancelled all current coffee bean subscriptions (not our bio-pods) whilst we organize our first roast of our very own blends; “Purpose” and “Impact”. They will be ready by the end of August.

These blends are both Organic and sustainably sourced; and are roasted right here on the Gold Coast with some of our current suppliers.

This is HUGE for us; as we’ll be able to provide even more impact for our projects and deliver a consistently amazing product to our customers… the Sippers.

As a business, this is a huge move. As we’re taking the plunge to completely redirect our product offering and how we deliver our coffee. However our customer surveys indicate that you all will stand with us on this adventure and continue to enjoy making a difference with your daily cup of black gold.

SO.. where to from here. Sit tight; enjoy our coffee pods for purpose if you have a Nespresso machine; these capsules are locally roasted too, and are 100% biodegradable (throw them straight into your compost). We’ll be in touch very soon to announce the launch of Purpose and Impact to your coffee machines and we can get to work on reaching 100,000 days of water impact by 2021.


There’s a shift in the air

For the times they are a changin’




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