How do you turn a business model form good to GREAT? Well, it's simple. you attach a PURPOSE. A resounding driving force to push the limits of what is possible for outcomes that are larger than life. 

As you well know by now, Sip4Sip Coffee is here to drive a purpose of social outcomes and connectivity. We aim to connect our Sippers to the global water concern and more importantly solutions to fix it. 

We could harp on about the details of the water issue on our lonely rock in space, however let's leave that there. As the reasons as to why it has happened are not nearly as important as the solutions that we can create. The reality is that in the west especially, we can just turn on a tap. Where as for millions around the world, getting clean water is harder than we could ever imagine. The difficulty compounded by the dangers people experience just to get their hands on clean water is mind blowing. Which, is friggin ridiculous really. So this is our purpose. To change the world for people in need; starting with WATER.

So who exactly is delivering the water? No we are not out their digging water wells, or turning up to villages in remote Africa with buckets of water. We have partnered with the REAL CHANGEMAKERS in the world solving this problem via "Business for Good" legends B1G1(Buy 1 Give 1). 

Through B1G1 we have picked two organisations to work with to start with. WellWishers Trust and Every Home Global Concern.


Wellwishers Logo

WellWishers Trust is an organsiation created between a bunch of Aussie business professionals and local operators in Ethiopia. this amazing operation funds the construction of hand dug water wells in Ethiopia, and since 2002 has built 722 wells. This means that now thousands of people in villages throughout Ethiopia have access to clean and safe drinking water without the need to travel great distance, or risk their lives for this daily necessity. 

Global Concern logo

Every Home Global Concern is another amazing company that constructs water wells in Malawi and Zambia. In the last 3 years a total of 217 water wells have been built for villages in this area.

We are super excited to be building a brand around making a difference. To know that the tangible outcomes are literally saving lives. But it won't stop at water. As we grow, our plan is to continue and grow the impact as we build. As we introduce more product, so will the new outcomes. The future of Sip4Sip Coffee is to build an impact and grow our outcomes for the partners we connect with.

From Good to GREAT! Here we come!

Women getting water in Malawi

Girl getting water

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