Jan Coffee of the Month - YirgZero

Jan Coffee of the Month - YirgZero

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is one thing. To connect like-minded brands is a whole new dynamic to inspiration and enjoyment. This month we are partnered with a kindred spirit in 5 Senses Coffee, from Melbourne. Presenting their YirgZero Ethiopian as our Jan Feature of the month. This bean gives off floral aromas with apricot and peach flavours layered with a fruity finish, and is sure to rock your world as both a milk or as a black based coffee. The first time I tried this was with my go to Piccolo and it was just bloody awesome…it just was.

YirgZero coffee

5 Senses are an amazingly well presented brand too. I love their image, and the message their story tells to provide a rounded experience to their farmers, cafes, customers, and ultimately the coffee lovers enjoying their art. The name alone suggests their intention is to get to you on all 5 senses to really challenge you on all fronts to enjoy a coffee experience on all fronts.

Their genesis story tells a tale of a coffee lover who wanted to provide a fun, funky environment to bring like-minded coffee geeks together to have a shit load of fun whilst making a great product that has end to end sustainability and responsibility. And this, it what I truly love about these guys. Grown to one of the most popular boutique roasters in Australia their origin purpose remains, and certainly has not been forgotten from those early days. One of their quotes sums up their purpose and vision perfectly;

We envision a Utopian future where people across the globe can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee knowing that not only were all the people involved in bringing it to life treated equitable but that their lives are actually for the better as a result of their involvement.”

Purpose and sustainability is key to the 5 Senses brand and they back it up with results and contribution on the ground. A quick flick through their website and you will find the projects they are involved with, which include Long Miles Coffee (sustainable farms and ethical workers focus); Co-Ground (education and livelihood programs in Asia-Pacific; also internal focus on projects like providing glasses for women in Rwandan farms to Australian based social enterprise support in cafes, and now Sip4Sip Coffee.

I love the face we also have the opportunity to present our Sippers an Ethiopian coffee giving our water impact a full circle approach to our Ethiopian project Well Wishers. That is really cool!

So there you have it. Other feature, another amazing coffee joining the Sip4Sip purpose to bring amazing impact to the world of coffee lovers and truly make a difference to people in need from the Coffee Farms in Ethiopia, to 5 Senses, to you the Sipper and then Back to Ethiopian villages with water supply. What a world we live in where this is possible!

Head over to our shop now and grab a subscription or try it out with a one-time purchase and grab this impact revolution now.

(title photo credit: @Hobba instagram)


5 Senses coffee


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