July C.O.M - Woolloomooloo

July C.O.M - Woolloomooloo

If there is one thing that is certain in the coffee industry in Australia, it is that there is a big fat line between commercial coffee and the coffee roasters we all know and love. There may as well be a continental divide or a 6th ocean keeping them apart. The coffee roaster is not just a technician to the bean and slave to volume. They tell a story with his/her product and infect their brand with the culture they live and breath. Up against the mass produced machine line of 'blends' that occupy supermarket and servo shelves. And after a little bit of research it wouldn't surprise me one bit that if you followed the , currently  very healthy boutique coffee roaster, market family tree back 20 or so years that you found Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters as one of the original story telling roasters of the new generation. 

This month we feature their seasoned blend the Woolloomooloo. (The Woolly) A tip of the hat to their first established venue in 2001 in Sydney, this blend is a warm all rounder that will fit the bill for just about any flavour of coffee connoisseur. A great representation of the focus of one man's mission to bring quality, boutique coffee into the hands of every day coffee lovers. 

Tobys Estate Coffee


Toby's Estate was founded at the end of the best decade of music of all time. And as we were all smashing out pearl jam and nirvana covers, Toby Smith was kickin around the jungles of South America learning how to grow and cultivate quality coffee at the source. Fast track a year or so and Toby's Estate starts off in his mum's garage and eventually opening in Sydney in 2001. These days they service over 600 venues all over the country and have a number so signature cafes themselves pumping out the goodness. WOW... these are the amazing stories that are behind some of Australia's favourite roasters. It's a sense of adventure and obsession to deliver a product like no other, that can be called your own and simple undeniably unique. I just love this stuff. 

In the Woolly you will find a big mouthful of flavour. Syrupy and round with notes of spice, earth cocoa and caramel and a hint of brightness to keep it lively. Personally I have had this blend both as a milk based coffee and with a filter pour and they were both awesome. So I'm thrilled to see The Woolly as our feature for July.

You'll find it in each of our mystery packs for the month, along with a few variety selections you can choose to mix with. I can say with certainty, you won't be disappointed. Click here to check it out or here to kick start a subscription with this feature and some of his mates!

Get the Woolly for ya winter! ... Become part of the story.

EVERY Bag of coffee sold = 1 week of water to people in need with our Sip4Sip program. Enjoy the Woolly and save a few lives!!

Happy Sippin


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