Let's face it.. it was always about the SIPPING and the GIVING!

Let's face it.. it was always about the SIPPING and the GIVING!

So in case you haven’t cottoned on yet…..we changed our name. MAD Coffee was great and certainly encompassed what we are up to on this adventure. However Sip4Sip Coffee just feels right. Feels like it’s been there from the start. Like putting on your favourite pair of too old to ask jeans, with a few holes in it and scuffed cuffs. Sip4Sip is our PURPOSE. Which is where we want to communicate and tell our story from the start.

Our model is designed to make a difference to the world with the product that we love. To give a sip of water to people in need, whenever our customers take a sip of coffee form our shop.

We have sourced the absolute BEST boutique coffee flavors this country has to offer, and are constantly finding more. You get the BEST of both worlds with Sip4Sip Coffee. A single place to find amazing coffee that you love, AND an opportunity to turn your purchase into amazing impact for people who really need it.

So.. here we go! Version 2.0 Sip4Sip Coffee. An adventure to make social enterprise the amazing change maker it can be. Jump online to our shop, make a purchase and become a “Sipper”; saving lives with your morning brew!

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