Meet Mick - Founder and Chief Sipper

Meet Mick - Founder and Chief Sipper

Meet Mick. Chief Sipper and Founder of Sip4Sip Coffee.    

We thought we'd sit down with a quick Q&A with the guy who started this adventure to find out what it's all about and how the social giving side of things really works.

So, grab a coffee and a warm spot in the sunlight and kick back to delve into the mind of an ordinary bloke looking to make an extra-ordinary business.

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S4S: Hey Mick... are you ready to be interviewed in this weird format by your own company.

Mick: Coolio...I'm ready.

S4S: Ok, so tell us what Sip4Sip Coffee is all about in one sentence.

Mick: That's easy.. Sip4Sip Coffee is using amazing coffee from all over Australia to impact the world's water crisis by donating water every time we sell coffee.

S4S: Wow.. how does the mechanics of that statement work?

Mick: Well, we are partnered with boutique coffee roasters from all over Australia who are wholesaling us their brands of coffee for us to retail on our website in variety coffee packs. As for the giving side. We're connected to B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1) who have a transaction based system setup with projects all over the world. Via their capability we can create the tangible outcome of donating time based supply of water to the projects we choose to impact with. So for every week supply of coffee we sell (roughly 1 250g bag) we can donate a week's water supply via these projects... It's really cool.

S4S: So why the social impact, why not just sell coffee and make money

Mick: Well we could all do that. And that really has been the evolution of business for the last 250 years.. chasing a buck. And look at where it got us. The wealthiest few people in the world hold most of the world's cash and the gap between the haves and the have not's is huge. I'm really glad that especially in the last 5 years we are starting to see a shift in the focus of the business world to become more purposeful and socially engaged. With the connectivity of the world these days via socials etc, we really all do have the power to make positive outcomes in business that is bigger than ourselves. If every business followed and/or joined B1G1's purpose, then there would be balance in the world within a year or two. It's a no brainier. 

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S4S: Why water?

Mick: Because it's a bullshit problem to have in this day and age. The fact that water is a natural product as is such a major issue around the world shows us just how fucked up the balance is. We'll move into other impact opportunities when we bring on merch and the like, but for no water is something that is real and has a legacy effect to it. For example, if we fund a water pump in Malawi for a village, that will provide clean, life saving water for a whole village for and average of 5-7 years! So it's a compounding solution when you get to volume. 

S4S: So are you a coffee barista or ex cafe owner or something similar?

Mick: No way... hopeless behind a coffee machine.. I mean I go ok, but my coffee artwork needs work on the espresso machine.

S4S: So you must love coffee right?

Mick: Yep..absolutely. I love it. All of the coffee brands on our site are ones that I have basically hand picked because I love them, or people I know love them too.

S4S: What's your method of delivery?

Mick: Piccolo; although I'm learning and experimenting more with filter coffee and how to do that right. 

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S4S: Who is your favourite on your shop?

Mick: All of them.. they all are seriously great coffee. Each has their own take on what makes quality blends. And I learnt really quick when chatting with them early on, that each blend, roast and brand has a story behind it. It's an artwork and a passion. I have huge respect for the effort these guys put into their product.

S4S: What happens from here for Sip4Sip Coffee?

Mick: Massive Impact. I want to get us to 10,000 days of water, then to 100,000 and then to 1,000,000,000 days of water donated. And it starts with the community. Building a brand around the community of Sippers that we invite to join our journey. 

S4S: What about the product?

Mick: Yep, keep adding to it. We're constantly looking for brands to bring on board. Coffee blends in Australia that are true artisans to their product. There is a real desire in the roaster industry to be a part of creating a real experience for the end user. Every single roaster I speak with, loves the idea of their brand connecting with social outcomes and making a difference with water. The support and engagement from the industry has been epic.

S4S: What's next

Mick: Ha.. change the world!

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