Nature comes first!

Nature comes first!

Introducing Pods for Purpose. 

Compatible coffee pods with boutique organic coffee that are 100% compostable. Pods that leave a positive impact on the world with Sip4Sip impact. Every Pod creates water for people in need with our charity partners.

We have worked with a local Gold Coast roaster to build an exceptional flavour that is both organic and fair trade in it's creation. Its called "Purpose". Purpose is a blend of beans from Nicaragua, Colombia and Guatemala. The tasting notes consist of Almonds, dates, raw cacao, sweet apple & biscotti.

We're stoked to bring this product to our team of Sippers as it gives us a chance to further impact the world with positive outcomes. Plastics is a serious issue in our world of over consumption and mass production. So we're pumped to offer this solution as a viable, and tastey, solution to the bizillions of capsules in landfill.

Pods on board

There is an exciting trend at the moment, that is growing into a movement to finally put nature first in the world of plastics. With the recent shopping bags fiasco at our major grocery outlets to the various Insta-movements pushing to remove the use of plastics bags, non recyclables, plastic straws etc. It's exciting to see how social media especially has given not just a voice, but influential power to the little people who want to see some change.  It almost seems as easy as setup a hashtag, grab a celeb endorsement and you've created your movement. Really cool stuff. As we collectively move towards working together to effect change. 

From local levels like our friends here in Coolangatta running awareness campaigns via Insta @plasticfreecoolangatta to national and global efforts such as @take3forthesea there is an amazing selection of groups all working towards the same outcome. Reducing plastic and putting nature first. 

One of our commitments with Sip4Sip Coffee is to work towards the Global Goals as set out by the UN in 2015. With water being our main focus, we also look to engage other goals where we can. Pods for Purpose won't be the first dabble into goals outside of water. As we aim to bring tshirts for effecting the goals of reducing poverty by clothing kids in schools around the world; we also aim to bring in a branded re-usable coffee cup that we'll connect to hunger based outcomes. 

Global Goals

Onward from here as we look the engage the Sipper community to make the world a more balanced place as we move into the future.  The Global Goals may seem like a big task, but it all start with local focus and small steps at a time.

Are you coming with us??

Find out more about the bio pods HERE

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