November Feature - Monte Carlo by Gabriel Coffee

November Feature - Monte Carlo by Gabriel Coffee

The first time I had a Gabriel Coffee was at Gold Coast cafe royalty Barefoot Barista in Palm Beach and it was love at first sip. If you haven't been to Barefoot...then seriously stop reading this and go...right now order a coffee, a  breaky burger and thank me later! 

Gabriel Coffee has been around since 2006 in Sydney delivering its now famous beans to the cafe scene in the big smoke, delivering its own unique coffee experience. 

Their philosophy is simple to create great product. Taste the coffee. Taste it again and taste it some more. (similar to us really). Operating a mantra of "we love the coffees we roast" , which in my mind is the best quality control possible. Puts passion in the cup, and brings the roasters into the product itself, by connecting them personally with the outcome. If we love it... you'll love it too. 

The beans are sourced specifically for the blend. Giving Gabriel control and guidance over both the quality and journey of their flavour patterns. Nothing run of the mill here... the entire process is engineered from the Farm to the Cup.

The founder Sam , brings a wealth of experience of the industry to Gabriel coffee and the roasting process to deliver winning formulas time and time again, and the Monte Carlo is no different. There is a commitment to understanding the connection between the farm and the end roast product that ensures quality and innovation in the product that is delivered by these specialists.

The Monte Carlo blend is a terrific all rounder, roasted on the lighter side which produces a light and elegant coffee with caramel, floral and berry fruit flavours. Made to be especially amazing in shorter milk based coffees, it works great as a double shot, and across a filter pour too. I tried this one on a v60 and the fruity citrus really stood out. 

So jump onto the shop and grab your order today. You can fill yourself up with the coffee of the month; or grab a pack that will feature the Monte Carlo Blend along with some other varieties to accompany this winning bean.

Ever 250g bag of coffee sold is a MONTH of water for people in need. So enjoy your Monte Carlo double shot this month of November, knowing that you've saved some lives along the way.


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