Our Malawi water Project

Our Malawi water Project

12,000 Km away from the sunny Gold Coast is a small African nation called Malawi. Situated on the Eastern side of the continent, Malawi is a small by African standards, but still holds over 18 Million people.  

With a diverse tribal background, the people of Malawi have been challenged by both conflict and famine in the most recent decades. The unfortunate reality of Malawi is that it sits as one of the world’s least developed countries. With a mostly agricultural industry to survive on, the country relies on international aid to meet developmental requirements.

There is one thing that stands out as a shining beacon for the people of Malawi. Dance. Their dance is a central pillar to the culture of all tribes of the Malawi peoples. Used in initiations, rituals, marriage ceremonies and all manner of celebrations. The dance is an energetic story telling of emotion, drama and happiness all rolled into one.

Malawi Dancers

We have teamed up with a great project called Every Home Global Concern to deliver water wells and simple filtration pumps into villages in Malawi villages. One of the biggest challenges the villagers face is water borne disease, related to poor water quality and sanitation issues.

These wells and pumps ensure that clean and safe drinking water is provided to the communities, giving them a fresh start with life’s most important commodity. Improving drinking water quality and overall hygiene is the starting block for building a better future for the children of Malawi and is the first step to eradicating disease and famine from the region.

We are very proud to be linked to this amazing organisation delivering positive impact into one of the most difficult areas in the world. Water is such an easy thing to take for granted in the western world, and it’s easy to forget that clean water does so much more than hydrate us.

So far with our project in Malawi we have delivered 2135 days of water access to people who need it most. Our short term goal is to hit 10,000 days as fast as possible, knowing that this will mean thousands of lives saved in the process. Long term we’re aiming at 100,000 days within 3 years.

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Malawi water project


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