Passion in a cup

Passion in a cup

Passion is an interesting thing to find and hang onto. I like an interview that Steve Jobs did a while back around the time the Ipod was sending us on a path to tech dependence. He said that if you don’t have passion, don’t do it. And it wasn’t the positive, fluffy idea of seeking a pursuit of happiness and purpose, his point was that without passion, you won’t last when shit gets real tough. Because that is when passion will prop you up in those dips of motivation and battles with all the bullshit that comes along with running the show. Musos and travelers are the best example of this in my opinion... because they are normally broke as shit but do it anyway. It's funny what is possible when we don't let dollars impact our sense.

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The beauty about having a project that you’re passionate about is that generally, the brand showcases your emotional connection and dedication to the bigger picture, and more often than not, gives you freedom to express yourself how you want. I love the way that online marketing wiz Gary Vee swears like a fucking trooper in all of his formats. Here is a guy with the world’s worst potty mouth addressing fortune 500 companies with more F-Bombs than an Ice Cube album, simply because he can, because his purpose shines through the mud. It’s pure gold which you need to youtube if you haven’t seen him in action.

The coffee game is full of passion. Which is what I love about Sip4Sip Coffee. We get to connect with operators who are telling a story and building a brand through their own connection to their art. No-one as a kid says that when they grow up, they wanna become a coffee roaster. These people come from all walks of life and experiences… but one thing is common amongst the good operators. They have passion. A real connection to the end user experience through their product. And you can see it not just in the blends, but in the brands and how they communicate through their roast.



We have a passion too. It’s to build a brand that impacts the world far past the product. Using our model as a platform to build real access to change for the good. Even putting the social/humanitarian focus to the side for a second, we’re building a community with Sip4Sip Coffee. A team of coffee lovin’ legends who can feel the story behind each blend, and can appreciate the change in seasons that coffee can bring. The absolute BEST thing about coffee as a product is that it hits you on all 5 senses. Which is what we want to deliver. A Sip4Sip experience that leaves you knowing you’re getting the best and that you’re loved for doing it. And if you can slow down enough to let each sense engage you with the product as you start your day, you can feel it. Passion, pride, purpose, a vision behind the bean to bring an amazing sensory experience to you. For me it’s the smell to start with and the hot semi-burn on the palm of your hand on a cold winter morning. I know at that point, this is going to be awesome.

Welcome to the team! Sip4Sip Coffee is about a passion to change the world. For our projects AND our sippers! Enjoy the ride… it’s going to be epic.

Now….go find your passion and smash it!



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