It’s an interesting thing to consider.. Perspective. A fundamental part to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is perspective. If you’re on the train you see a completely different landscape to someone standing by the track.  And I guess the world and life in general is no different. We all have our trials and tribulations that seem like groundbreaking or life altering to us; however to someone on the side of the track may seem pretty trivial.

Today I was asked about the Sip4Sip projects that we are working with for a video production for a PR company; and it was a pretty unique experience to answer that question on this particular day. You see, I get asked that question all the time; and we do our best to communicate it through our channels and with our Sippers. However today, I was having a shocker. One of those days where you are being met with challenge after challenge after challenge… One of those days where you feel the tension rising with every phone call, email or scenario you plan out. The difference; that made this question extra special today; was that I was having a shit day…from my perspective. But as I answered that question, and described their situation. Things got really real! Being two of the most malnourished, water scarce communities in the world. Where children die on a daily basis due to preventable water borne issues. People are dying of thirst. Where people by the hundreds of thousands and millions are living in extreme poverty. And our efforts are contributing in a small way to help this global problem. In my mind, I could see the faces of the people in those communities, living that reality and seeing the world for a brief minute from their perspective. Suddenly my world didn’t look so bad from the train I was standing on.

There is a definate movement starting in this space. The consumer is shifting to wanting to engage with more responsible brands, suppliers are shifting to sustainable options, the circular economy is growing. Whilst it’s certainly early days, the tide is definitely turning. We’re all starting to shift our focus for the greater good and what is possible for the future.

My message here isn’t to belittle our daily challenges. Or to suggest that our challenges are not serious. It’s just a reminder to take stock when it feels the world coming for you, that perhaps it’s just a small glitch in the matrix compared to what is really important.





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