Pledge for Purpose

Pledge for Purpose

So we’ve decided to kick things along a bit for Sip4Sip Coffee with a crowdfund with Melbourne community builders Pozible. The stage is set, the rewards are in place, and the impact has the potential to be huge… now all we need is to build our community and have some fun filled adventure along the way.

Why crowdfunding you say? Well the answer to that is 2 fold. 1 I’m impatient and 2 I’m Impatient. So it’s a tricky one to tackle as nothing that is worth doing happens fast…even Zuckerburg took a few years to really make it big…right????

We have set 3 giving targets as the waypoints for the Sip4Sip Coffee strategy over the next 5 years, and this campaign is all about hitting the first target ahead of schedule. These milestones are;

  1. 10,000 days of water donations by the end of 2018
  2. 100,000 days of water donations by the end of 2020
  3. 1,000,000 days of water donations by the end of 2023.

Being a competitive SOB I simply want to smash that first one before my kids wake me up too early on xmas morning. Because to do that tells me we have built a community.. a team of Sippers fast enough that goals 2 and 3 are achievable. Then its GAME ON!!.

Our crowdfund is simple… Sell $5000 worth of coffee, merch and cool socially conscious products we’ve sourced (like Keep-Cup and Who Give a Crap toilet paper) and we can DOUBLE our current giving numbers in just one month.  Currently we’re sitting on about 4800 days of water donations at the time of writing this; at the end of a successful campaign; we’ll double that to over 9600 days, and be well and truly on track to smash target 1 by end of October.

purpose coffee pods and cup  purpose and cup coffee  chapter one

With those types of number we’re talking about saving lives in a very REAL sense. The projects we’re currently supporting deliver the impact on the ground in remote areas of Ethiopia and Malawi, and when we contribute to this, we are building a future, a sustainable life resource for people who literally have no chance without it.

We’ve developed a limited edition, organic blend just for this campaign called “Purpose” and you can get them in a whole bean or in a Nesresso compatible BioPod (100% biodegradable coffee pod yes…100%) and every time we sell it… we give a MONTH of water to our projects.

We have some other cool things happening with the campaign too. Each reward has some amazing and ‘extra’ little giving bonuses we’ve added to it ontop of the water giving (and the supplier generated impact from the other brands).  And….it goes a little something like this…

  • Keep Cup sales = A tree planted in and endangered rain forest
  • Sip4Sip Tee = Clothing a Kid in a school in a third world country
  • Who Gives a Crap = Feed a child at School in India
  • Chapter One Book = A tree planted in an endangered rain forest.

All of this is possible with our good friends and giving partners B1G1 (look them up on our Sip4Sip Giving page) who allow us to create amazing and extra special things to happen simply when people enjoy our amazing products.

Of course some of the funds will go into running the business and upgrading our website.. we are a business. But we are a business who is using great products to build a successful brand that is focused on creating great impact for EVERY transaction we make.

So do me a favour…jump onto the campaign here and order yourself some product with your favourite reward.

You’ll get a smashing shout out on socials, some amazing products to enjoy and a real sense of the warm and fuzzys knowing you are impacting lives around the world simply by ordering some great coffee.

Keep being awesome!! And thanks for running with us!



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