September Feature - Byron Bay Coffee Company

September Feature - Byron Bay Coffee Company

If I say the words "Byron Bay"...what words pop into your mind? Beaches, Surf, Lighthouse, Whales, Backpackers, Celebs, Locals, Organic, Top Bub, The Backroom, The Rails, annnnnd Coffee...good friggin coffee.

Unless you've been living under a rock hiding from the world of coffee for the last 30 years, you've definitely heard of the famous Byron Bay Coffee Company. You may have come across this quality roaster in your travels exploring cafes along the east coast of Oz..or during your annual pilgrimage to the land of the oxymoron that is Byron Bay. 

There is one word that really sums up the Byron Bay Coffee Company in my mind and that is smooooooooooooth. I've never had a bad coffee from these guys or their cafes. It's always a velvety experience similar sipping a cognac and listening to Barry White. 

Still run as a family business, these guys source nothing but quality beans from around the world to build their blends and have amassed over 30 years of experience in making their art. With passion running deep into the product, there are complimenting blends working into a diverse range of full bodied flavours that are; in their words "rich, vibrant and complex".

Organic blend tasting notes


Boasting a huge menu, we're blessed to begin working with them with the Organic Espresso to feature for September. 

This little ripper is a medium roast to suit all pallets. You'll find a well rounded, deep coca flavoured blend, slightly sweet with a rich creamy body.  Seriously one of our favourite blends in the Sip4Sip office.

Working with the Byron Bay Coffee Company is an easy fit for us as they operate a sustainable model with a focus on the environment. Sourcing beans from only Organic Certified and Rain forest Alliance farms. Even their cafe supplied take away cups are BioPak Cups. Along with linking up with us at Sip4Sip for some social purpose, their connection to doing good came long before; as long term supporters of Sea Shepherd and Rain forest Rescue.  

So come and grab your coffee pack today that will feature this awesome and purpose driven blend. The impact from your involvement will be huge and will be end to end from supply to your demand.

Shop now and save some lives and trees with our September Feature - The Organic Blend by Byron Bay Coffee Company.

Organic Blend

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