Take a trip to Ethiopia with us!

Take a trip to Ethiopia with us!
A little over 13,000 km from where I write this is the Tigray area of Ethiopia. It is the northernmost region of the country sitting at the bottom of the Red Sea. As rough as it is beautiful, this area and it's people is surviving post war Ethiopia and consistent drought amongst other challenges. It's no secret that areas of Africa are facing huge humanitarian issues, and there is a huge amount of work to be done to increase quality of life for it's people. 
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This message however is not one of despair or guilt into why we should all take notice of places like this. More to show what hope, hard work, great people AND some belief in what's possible can do.
As you can see in our giving stories on our Sip4Sip page here ; we are supporting one particular project in Ethipoia through B1G1 called The Well Wishers Trust (WW). This amazing group of Aussies is partnered with an on the ground company called REST (Relief Society of Tigray) to deliver hand dug water wells in the region. Since 2002, 722 wells have been built, each of which is delivering water into villages and saving the lives of the 280,000 + people who access them.  That is HUGE! 
By having water wells in the villages, no longer do the people have to risk the dangers of long journeys to find water. We've all seen the pics of women and children walking miles for water with buckets on their heads right. Also, the sustainability of providing ongoing clean water that reduces water born disease is a second major outcome.  
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Many people are asking us why we're not focused on local issues in Australia. And that is certainly a valid question. Our plan is to look at integrating other solutions locally with different products as we grow. However water just seems like the best place to start. And with Sip4Sip and B1G1 we can directly effect and contribute to this project in Tigray knowing that 100% of what we send there, gets there. (B1G1 is a 100% model). And our contributions are broken down in B1G1's model of transaction based giving, so we can link it directly to our product. EVERY time we sell a bag of 250g of coffee (1 week supply) we DONATE a week of water via this project. It's just that simple, and we can wrap our entire model around the purpose.
I look forward to the day that I can visit Tigray and see first hand what a difference we are making with these amazing organisations. The safety and the smiles along the way that we can create is huge, and is one which is ongoing and lasting. And it's so cool that we can take you all with us. Simply by connecting with us and being apart of the Sip4Sip Coffee community, you are making a difference. This is not about us.  Although impact defines our business and purpose, the REAL win for Sip4Sip Coffee is when we send Impact Updates and Gratitude emails to our customers , to show them and thank them directly what can be done simply by them enjoying some of the best coffee roasters Australia has to offer.
You can find out more about the projects we support on our Sip4Sip Giving page here .
We love this journey and hope you'll come with us. Amazing coffee that saves lives! 
Come get yours ....and save a life. Shop with the links above and enjoy the journey with us!
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