We have ARRIVED!

We have ARRIVED!

The idea of coffee changing the word is a bold one indeed, but we're not shy or boring so here we are.... it's happening! It's bloody well happening and we are going to have some serious fun doing just that!

Welcome to MAD Coffee. If you haven't worked it out yet, (or read our About Us on our website) MAD stands for Make A Difference. We chose that name because purpose is the center of our brand and mission. Mr Sinek taught us all that we should all "START WITH WHY"... So we splashed our WHY at the very top of our brand. 

But really.... WHY sell coffee to "Make a Difference"? The answer to that is simple and comes in two parts.

1. We love coffee. 

2. Because we can.

I'll elaborate. 

For starters who doesn't love coffee? I mean, wow! There are sooooo many options to make this bean fit even the most fussiest of pallets, and after trying my first filter made coffee, my entire world was turned upside down. But it doesn't just stop at the taste. There is a story behind every blend, single origin, roast and brand. You can see it, when you watch the people in this industry talk about their product, OR better yet, if you are lucky enough to go and see the roasting happen. Theirs is an investment of the soul, creating a product that smacks you in the face and yells HEY..I'M HERE AND I'M GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 

We create memories that are etched into our mind through our senses, and coffee gives us such an imprint. The smell can transport us to a past love of people or place, the taste and touch can remind us of stories gone by. Every time I walk past a coffee cart on a cold morning, I'm taken back to Borough Markets in  2007 in the cold, dark romance of one of London's most eclectic food venues. It's just automatic.

So yeh... coffee is where it's at. I'm so glad you're here with me!....But what about the purpose??

In 2016 I made a conscious decision that any business I'm involved with, will have a social outcome. Will have a purpose that is bigger than just making a buck, even bigger than our brand itself. It's an idea, no scratch that, it's a culture I've invested myself in not because I feel I "have to" but because "I simply can" . We are more connected than ever before in the 21st century. Mr Zuckerberg and his tech mates, have ensured that we are on a path of global community and connectivity. Some believe that because of this we (especially in the western world) are "obliged" to give back. But we don't follow that train 100%. We do it because WE CAN...and it feels bloody good to do it! Contribution is one of the keys to human happiness (it's been proven by the head shrinkers) ; and as humans operating brands, we can bring contribution into the daily operations of any business and ingrain it into success. The more we succeed the bigger difference we make and contribution is compounded. Just take a moment and imagine if EVERY business gave just a little bit to social causes. What an IMPACT?? ... Well , that is where we are at.. EVERYTHING we sell with MAD Coffee, has a social payoff. Which is what SIP4SIP is all about!

SIP4SIP means simply that for every SIP of coffee we sell, we donate a SIP of water through our charity partners Buy1Give1. .. the maths means that for every week, fortnight, 3 week or month pack of coffee we sell, the equivalent supply of water is given to people in need.  You enjoy awesome coffee from Australia's BEST coffee story tellers AND you make a difference along the way!

HOW....COOL...IS ....THAT!!..

So, here we are! We have arrived!

Welcome to MAD Coffee. A place to change the world! Enjoy the coffee and do keep in touch!


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