What is means to me! - Guest Blog # 3 - Int'l Women's Day

What is means to me! - Guest Blog # 3 - Int'l Women's Day

Another great entry from our guest bloggers fro International Women's Day. This one from great mate of mine a great leader and a future business brand; Elle Smith from right here on the Gold Coast. .. Enjoy. Cheers Mick.


International Women’s Day.. What it means to me!

Like any marked occasion, International Women’s Day is a time for us to celebrate, reflect, acknowledge and seriously take stock of the incredible things women are achieving in our time. A worldwide reflection highlighting the global movement of women stepping up, stepping out and taking a stand to be heard, you only had to open up Instagram for a moment on the morning of to be inundated with posts acknowledging the sex that is female – not just by females too, our male counterparts joining the movement also.

Society is completely changing their perception collectively of a women’s role – not just in the workplace, even at home or as part of a community. Less and less, we are hearing phrases such as “women belong in the kitchen” and more and more we are seeing the likes of “the future is female” – this gives me goose bumps! It gives me hope and has me hold my head high that I am part of this lifetime in which we literally are creating an equal future.

You only need to walk into a bookshop to have the titles staring at you in the face. We have women like Sheryl Sandberg telling us to “Lean In” – Dr Brene Brown “Daring Us to Lead” and Sophie Amoruso creating the #GIRLBOSS movement. These ladies, standing on the soap box, rallying for women to unite, to break through the glass ceilings and to pursue their passions no matter the norms or what society says the “right” thing is to do.

So what does this this day mean to me? It puts a smile on my face and butterflies in my belly. I am in awe of my girlfriends, my mother, my colleagues, the awesome ladies who have their own businesses in beauty and hair who take the best care of me, my best friend who allows me to be a god mother to her son – the women who just go for it. I read countless stories online of women admiring other women – women admiring strangers even who are achieving greatness – greatness in all forms. Being a kind person, being a good mum, having a red hot go at running a business, showing up to work each day, battling an illness, taking care of a family member – each of us contributes to our community in ways we do not even know, ways that create a ripple effect that is changing our world.

These women inspire me to grow, to give, to be a better person. To stand up for what I believe in, to not conform, to be curious, to create space for others to do the same. A huge slap in the face to share my uniqueness and my talents with the world. To be the example. I saw the quote “when women support other women, amazing things happen” and I believe whole heartedly that this could not be more true. I want to support others to be amazing – positive action breeds more positive action, changing the world one step at a time.

International Women’s Day has been the reminder that we don’t need a catalyst for change. We are the change. The only constant in our world today is change – whether we love it or not. it’s up to us to drive this in the direction that we want, that is positive and that makes a difference to the human beings on earth, female and male alike. As a community, we need to embrace the movement that is women and literally together – change the world.

Elle Smith

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