What the F*!K is Black Friday?!!

What the F*!K is Black Friday?!!

Isn’t it ironic that a commercially fueled sales event of pure gluttony follows a day of thanks and gratitude? It has to be one of the most schizophrenic 48 hours periods known to man as collective millions parade and posture a deep sense of appreciation and then in the next breath turn into manic Nemo'esk seagulls screaming MINE, MINE, MINE; fly kicking each other in the throat to grab a half price TV. And what pains me also, is this is yet another Americanism that is being adopted here in the good old land of Oz.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a good deal. However, here we are as a collective group of new aged business operators and entrepreneurs working towards building brands of connection, purpose and social responsibility only to be backhanded by the 1980’s sales engine on cut price sales and take everything you can get…steak knives and all.

Something that pulls things into perspective for me and gave me hope that there is a future worth fighting for in business, was that earlier this week was globally known as #givingtuesday. Now if this came about because someone else felt like shit after pushing a granny out of the way for a $2 beach towel, then I’ll be truly slapping myself in the face. Wouldn’t that be a peach, the collective branding machine that is retail commercialism having Thanksgiving, Black Friday, then Giving Tuesday. The kids are gunna get whiplash not knowing which way to look. However let’s take some stock and have faith that the marketing engine of the retail world has not hallmarked this hashtag for the millennials and we can own it for ourselves

Giving Tuesday, a great idea to bring the global attention to the idea of giving, or at least opening and engaging in the conversation. One step at a time is fine as long as it’s in the right direction. However, as a suggestion, lets go one better, how about giving EVERYDAY!... What if we gave every time we sold. What if EVERY time we moved a widget, some in need got a widgot. Ha.. A Widgot. ..imagine the possibilities of such a grandiose idea is no longer an ideological dream, it’s literally a reality and possible for everyone and anyone to make things like this happen. This is exactly what our giving partners at B1G1 are designed to do, which enables us to give water for every bag of coffee sold. We sell..we give. Along with many others of the social enterprise movement, B1G1 and its members are challenging the status quo of the Gordon Gecko era baby boomers.

Let’s look at the numbers… CNN reported on Sat 24th that in ‘Merica .. The Yanks spent $23 Billion on Black Friday.. Then further figures came out that the little sister of BF is CM.. Cyber Monday (Marketing GENIUS…even if it is guerrilla tactics at its best) hit $7Billion.. so $30 Billion in the US alone.. Not to mention what happened as the world, and we in Aus, followed suit.

Imagine if the Pledge 1% movement (google it...it's awesome) was adopted here and just 1 cent from each dollar in those 2 days alone was given to real causes that were doing real things on the ground? That’s $300,000,000 in funding. IN TWO DAYS! THREE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS (pinky in side of mount)

So can we do it? 1 cent from EVERY dollar sold pooled together to fix the world’s problems. Dr Google and the more credible Statista, tells me that the global GDP in 2016 was $75 Trillion US Dollars. At a conference last week, I was presented with figures that it would cost around $100 Billion per year to feed, house and provide clean water for EVERYONE ON EARTH that currently doesn’t have access to these basic human needs… Now.. if we take 1 cent from each dollar in our global GDP, that is $750 Billion dollars per year to fund the world’s crisis points. PROBLEM SOLVED!!

So lets go people.. #onecentmovement, get on board. Message me that you want to make it happen, tell your friends, tell the world. Let’s collectively SAVE the year 2100 and the future of our kids worlds before it’s too late, and the robots fix us.

(Mic drop)


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