5 Star reviews
IMAGINE having a point of difference for your listing that gives your guests an amazing reason to stay with you and return for more!
Connecting your  Accommodation venue or Airbnb hosting with Sip4Sip Coffee is bringing high quality coffee and social connection to your listing.
Show your customers that you support Sip4Sip Coffee and giving water to people in need by showcasing great quality coffee each month.
Imagine telling your guests that every time they enjoy a coffee in your venue, someone in need is getting life saving water.
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How it works for you
  • EASY order - Jump onto our shop and order your monthly subscription
  • RELIABLE delivery - We'll send you new fresh coffee every month that you can have available to your tenants
  • Tell the STORY - We'll provide you with visually stunning information about Sip4Sip Coffee and the giving that you are creating to show your tenants.
  • REVIEWS - Your reviews will skyrocket as happy tenants share their experience having amazing coffee and making an impact along their stay.
  • CONVERSIONS - Increase your bookings by showing people in your listing that you support Sip4Sip Coffee and that you are saving lives by doing so. 
  • EXPERIENCE - Coffee will come with recipe guides for your customers to ensure they get the best experience with coffee you provide.
 This is our IMPACT so far with just ONE of our charity partners
Head over to our coffee shop HERE to get started.
Reach out at to have a tailor made branding pack for your venue.